Triathlons & Lawyers

Triathlons are becoming more and more popular and, whether you are looking to compete seriously or for fun, you should have no problem finding events in your area! Before you sign up for your first event, however, it is important to make sure that you have the appropriate equipment. At Win Xtreme Sports, our knowledgeable staff are ready and willing to help you to find and purchase all you need in order to compete with an edge. With our one stop shop for all of your triathlon equipment needs, you’ll have even more time left to get out there and train!

Whether you are looking for your first wetsuit or you are a seasoned triathlete and need a new pair of running shoes, Win Xtreme Sports is the place for you to prep your gym bag. The owners of Win Xtreme Sports are seasoned triathletes Lou and Molly Pugston.

The two of them have a combined 32 triathlons completed and so they really understand what you will need in order to be successful in your racing season! Whether you are beginning with sprint length triathlons or practiced to the point of completing Ironman length races, they will be able to give advice and make sure that you have everything you need before you leave the store.

Along with owners who are well versed and seasoned in the competition of triathlons, Win Xtreme Sports makes sure that you will be in good hands every day we are open by hiring a full staff of triathletes. Together with friends that have been made during races in the area, Win Xtreme Sports has been able to staff their store in a way that ensures an experienced expert is on hand each and every shift.

This means a ton of wisdom for you to take advantage of!Win Xtreme Sports is proud to the local expert in triathlon training gear and we are excited to be a part of your race!

  1. Athletes who come to our store for their equipment and accessories will be ready to perform from transition set up to the finish line. Before you go to the local chain sporting goods store, be sure to check out Win Xtreme Sports.
  2. You will be sure to find a variety of brands, price points, and accessories that will make your first or fifteenth race as successful as possible!